name: andy/hitaru

interests: anime, literature, bts

hobbies: drawing, writing, sleeping

likes: chocolate, decaf, thunderstorms

dislikes: capitalism, discrimination, rudeness

6 january 2023, 12:59PM

happy new year!! again!

it's been a long year, i'm not gonna lie. i initially made this entire site while i was still a mod for sheezy, which has since closed down. (though sad, the growth it was experiencing was untenable and we were all burning around and wondering what we were going to do.)

i've removed almost everything from deviantart, again. i'm actually really hating ai art generators, to be honest with you. when it was first emmerging it was super cool, but now it's just... idk, it feels like people keep trying to find ways to not pay hardworking people for the labour that's demanded and expected of them.

but anyways, i digress. i'm doing alright, for now, i think. can't wait for tax return season to be upon us yet again because boy could i use that6-7k right about now.

hope everyone is doing alright. hug your loved ones for me.

11 january 2022, 8:45AM

happy new year!!

i'm now part of the rabbit island webring! i never really got to see or interact with webrings much when i was younger, though i was only very peripherally aware that they existed at all. growing up, i didn't really even have access to a computer until maybe 2003-04, and only had my own pc in my room a few years after that.

since will unfortunately be shutting down as of 1st march, a few of us have decided to get together and start a webring! the icon is at the bottom of the main landing page (courtesy of yours truly), and i'm hoping our little ring will get bigger soon!

8 december 2021, 1:16pm

did my art trades and completed my secret santa! you can see all of them here. :)

5 december 2021, 9:07pm

added a new page for original characters. made individual pages for each character that features artwork done of them. mostly to be used to give references if i ever need to!

3 december 2021, 8:37am

writing at the same time wasn't intentional but it sure is funny lmao. funny coincidence.

sheezy's officially start the secret santa event, which is really exciting! i've taken a look at the person that was assigned to me and i'm really happy they have a mix of animal and humanoid ocs. i was kind of worried lol, but in the end i'm still going to try to do something with one of the more canine ocs. the colour palette is really interesting and the design itself kind of falls into one of my niche interests... so hopefully i can manage to not screw this up.

i also have an art trade to do with another fma fan! so that's exciting! the oc herself seems to be a chimera and she looks really cool, so i'm looking forward to working on that later today.

i've been leaning into art trades now so i can build up a more decent library of examples of headshots. i want to do less expensive commissions for the holidays of just simple character headshots and i kind of want to have multiple examples to offer... hopefully that goes well and i can get some form of kind of steady income from that, at least until next year! wouldn't that be nice...

2 december 2021, 8:33am

i finally got around to fixing all the little hiccups and things that were lacking here. the socials page was missing all the other nac links, so i took some time to play around with the code to add those in in a way that makes sense and doesn't look attrocious. i also had to fix the credits page because, for some reason, all by itself, it decided to just... remove? links??? so that's a thing i had to do.

i'm going to be keeping the post below this one as a blank/template because i'm a little confused about how this one works lol. there's a different div id for the one below this and i want to make sure i don't mess anything up lol. this is my first time building everyting up "from scratch" and actively using blog codes like this outside of livejournal, so it's a little daunting.