frequently asked questions.

what kind of commissions will you take?

mostly just character drawings/designs/etc. i don't usually do complex backgrounds or scenery, but can do basic background if requested/needed. i'm able to and capable of drawing furries and animals, but those will take a bit more time as i'm not used to them. they will also require extra references.

do i need to provide references for a commission?

yes please! i'm aphantasic, which means i am not able to visualize things. even if it's just a pinterest board with general aesthetic ideas, that's already better than just a loose text description. it'll also help cut down the time it takes for me to complete the com!

what medium do you use?

i will always default to using procreate/digital unless asked for something else. otherwise, i have access to alcohol markers and gouache paints. otherwise i can also do basic pencil or ink drawings on cardstock as well.

how much time will my commission take?

this depends on the commission! generally speaking, i should be able to get your commission to you within two weeks. if anything prevents me from getting your art to you in that time frame, i will be letting you know.

i haven't had a progress check-in in a few days. what's up?

if you haven't heard from me in a little bit, please don't be scared to contact me through my socials or email! sometimes i can get a little too hyperfocused on something and will just forget to send a progress report.

how fast can i expect an answer to a dm/email?

barring exceptions (hospitalisations, illness, etc.) i will always reply to messages within 24 hours.

i have a questions i didn't see here!

please feel free to reach out to me via my socials or by email, which you can all find here!