name: HIGAKURA, hitaru
age: 24
pronouns: she/her
fandom: naruto
personality: hitaru is a very warm and caring person, and will often go out of her way to do acts of service for the people close to her. she will always seek to do what is just and right rather than act accordingly to rules which may not benefit everyone. very much a typical mom friend.


name: ■■■■■, andraea
age: n/a
pronouns: she/they
fandom: undertale
personality: andy is extremely outgoing, if constantly anxious in social situations. they love to meet new people but don't always know how to establish that initial connection. andy always strives to make decisions that are best for almost everyone, often putting others' needs ahead of their own.


name: ■■■■■■, miichie
age: 18
pronouns: she/her
fandom: naruto
personality: miichie is very solitary. after becoming very ill very suddenly, miichie withrew from most people to focus on her recovery. this makes her a very independant person, and perhaps an over-achiever. she always feels like she must prove herself to something or someone in order to gain the recognition she knows her hard work deserves.


name: KUROKAWA, fye
age: 21
pronouns: she/her
fandom: naruto
personality: fye is very no-nonsense and matter-of-fact. she will first and foremostly attempt to follow rule and law and wonder about personal and general consequence later. she very much prefers a strict set of rules to function in, and find chaos and spontaneity difficult to navigate and manage.


name: BELRITH, anna
age: 15-18
pronouns: she/her
fandom: fullmetal alchemist
personality: anna has a complicated family history that shows through her personality. violently independant and extremely introverted, she would rather spend time studying and researching than spend time out with colleagues and friends. fiercely loyal, anna has no regard for rule or law and will usually do whatever is convenient and will solve whatever problem she is facing.


name: PARADE, cyanide
age: n/a
pronouns: she/they
fandom: my chemical romance
personality: cyanide is volatile but silent. she hardly ever speaks unless directly spoken to and given permission or instruction to do so. she attacks aggressively but precisely in her contionue attempt to oust and permanently take out BL/ind.


name: MIWAKE, kaho
age: 20
pronouns: she/her
fandom: bungou stray dogs
personality: kaho is very reserved in nature but bubbly and interactive once she gets comfortable. her love of literature and human relations have driven her to become a private detective. she works mostly with woman in rough situations, and pride herself in a flawless work ethic and well-applied empathy.


name: KAZEFUMI, ayaka
age: 23
pronouns: she/her
fandom: my hero academia
personality: ayaka is tired. this describes most of her personality; she constantly attempts to put the least amount of effort in to get things done. given that her power has quite a detrimental effect on her eyes, she enjoys dark spaces and quiet music to attempt to remain calm and collected in a world that has made her fight for its own sake.